Contura i4 Modern 3 sided


We wanted to preserve the feel of the old house we bought, but not live in a museum. Saving the old woodwork was obvious, but we wanted to give the old coal-burning stove a modern and discrete style. It should be obvious that it is modern and has efficient technology! The large glass door lets the beautiful fire really come into its own. The heat output actually surprised us, and it’s a bonus that it can be fired in such an environmentally friendly way.


Output              3-5kW
Efficiency          78%
Height               550 mm
Width                490 mm
Depth                350 mm
Weight              77 kg
Colour               black,grey
Wood length     25 cm
Energy class     A


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Black, Charcoal Grey

Eco-design ready

Eco-design ready (for 2022)


Multi-fuel, Wood

Output (kW)


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