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The body of Vulcanus® grills is made of special high-grade COR-TEN® steel with a ruby coloured patina. COR-TEN® was originally used primarily for shipbuilding because it can withstand humid and saline environments. So don‘t be afraid to leave the grill out in the rain, frost or snow. It is natural, eco-friendly and will always look like new.

That‘s why Ondřej made the Vulcanus® grill with his own hands – an outdoor fire grill made of a special and completely maintenance-free COR-TEN® material with an accumulation core. The grill can withstand any weather and can be used all year round. He put everything he had into its production – his knowledge, experience, feelings, visions and memories, because he wanted the Vulcanus® grill to make you happy and become your companion when you are with friends or

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Height 910mm

Width 990mm

Depth 910mm

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