Which wood burning stove Is the most efficient?

Which Wood Burning Stove Is the Most Efficient?

Since the recent fuel crisis hit the UK, many people have decided to install a wood burning stove as a more affordable way to keep warm.

Over 200,000 stoves were fitted in the last few months of 2022 according to the Stove Industry Alliance.

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing the right stove for your purposes and your budget. Many of our customers ask us how they can find the most efficient stove to meet their needs and keep costs down, so we thought we would share a few of our hints and tips as a guide.

So What Is “Efficiency” When It Comes to Talking About Wood Burners?

Simply put, the efficiency rating of the stove will give you an idea of how much of the heat and fuel is lost by going up the flue pipe rather than into the space you want to heat.

For example, a stove with an efficiency rating of 75% loses 25% of the heat and fuel in the combustion process. All stoves listed on our website will have an efficiency rating that should be taken into consideration alongside the below important factors:

  • Heat output in relation to the size of space to be heated (measured in Kw)
  • Type and quality of fuel that is burnt
  • Efficiency with regards to environmental factors

Understandably there are valid questions that arise about the environmental impact of wood burners.

In the wider context of carbon emissions, modern wood burning stoves that are well maintained and burn the correct fuel, produce a relatively low level of carbon emissions. All modern wood burners must be manufactured to a standard that complies with new environmental laws.

It is essential to burn the right fuel in your stove for maximum efficiency. We would suggest burning a quality wood that has a moisture content of below 20% and ideally a kiln-dried hardwood. If the moisture content is above this figure it increases the deposits in the chimney and significantly decreases the efficiency of the stove.

You will end up spending more on fuel and needing more frequent chimney sweeping. Never burn painted or treated wood as the fumes will be released during the burning process.

How to You Find Out Which Wood Burning Stove Is the Most Efficient Overall?

Here are a few simple tips from The Stove Company that you can use when choosing a new stove:

  • Take note of the appliances’ heat output. Here is a handy link to a tool which can calculate an estimate of the heat output based on the size of your room. We would highlight this is a guide, not a definitive answer!
  • Look for a DEFRA-approved model. This is essential for anyone who lives in a smoke-controlled area.
  • Take into consideration whether the stove meets Ecodesign standards. This has been mandatory for all stoves since January 2022, but it is worth checking the model you are considering complies.
  • Look out for stoves that are part of the clearSkies programme. The scheme certifies solid fuel local space heaters that meet net efficiency and fuel emissions criteria.

What Does the Stove Company Recommend?

With the new regulations in place, there are more stoves than ever to choose from in terms of high-efficiency. Here are three tried and tested models that we recommend to our customers and most importantly, get the customer seal of approval.