Beltane Brue Ecodesign


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The Beltane Brue is the compact powerhouse of the Beltane range, boasting a 4.0kW output. Designed with smaller rooms in mind, this woodburning stove delivers impressive performance in a compact package.

The Brue is built to high specifications, ensuring long-lasting durability and efficient combustion, with its large glass window that enhances the fireview. It is suitable for placement on a 12mm hearth, providing a secure and stylish foundation for your stove.

Perfect for smaller spaces, the Brue offers a versatile output range of 3 to 5kW, ensuring efficient and comfortable heating in compact rooms. With easy-to-use air controls, you have full control over the burn rate, allowing for precise temperature adjustments and optimal fuel consumption.

The Brue is lined with vermiculite, a natural material known for its excellent insulation properties, enhancing the stove’s performance and maximizing heat retention. Equipped with a durable cast iron grate, ensuring long-lasting reliability and efficient combustion.

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Height 525mm

Width 380mm

Depth 310mm

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